About us


    MDS Technology Company,Ltd.


           was founded in 1996

          Primarily provides 

   Machinery spare parts, designs and produces quality machinery 

   to meet clients’requirements.

     Machinery with new technologies, like CNC milling and CNC wire cut, is operated to  enhance the quality of products, and add value to varieties of the company’s service. Solid Work Program guarantees perfect designs. Under control system, furthermore, minimizing in lthe size and increasing in the power ofmachinery are possible today. This reduces cost for clients’ business in operation and staffing consequently.

                                                                                       MDS Technology's History

    20 year experienced management and business administration guarantee the quality of our merchandis in both domestic and international markets. Clients will certainly be satisfied with less cost to manage higher effciency machinery.

    The company specializes in engineering get the research, design, develop and build machines including manufacturing industries with 20 years of continuous development, we finally received widespread trust from customers in leading industries.


ž ž経営方針 


 In terms of research and technology, In order to meet the needs of customers

                   In a variety of industries

                    Automobile assembly plant.

                    The production of automotive components

                    The production of electrical goods

                    The commercial production of building materials

                    The rubber industry 

                    Food and Drug Administration

                   The agricultural machinery

                    All of industry type on Support equment



                                                                Design and Manufacture


                      According to customer needs

  1. Production Jig-Fixture   (ジグ固定具)
  2. Spare Part ( スペアパーツ)
  3. Molded parts and machine parts.      (成形部品および機械部品。)
  4. improve equipment to be more effective, repaired.      (より効果的で修復されるように装置を改善する)
  5. Improvements and alterations (Machine Option)     ( 改善と変更(機械オプション))







          Experience more than 20 years for designing & production

      Has very effective software in design & production


       Always update to new technologies







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    •Design & Produce quality product together with moral •Customer satisfaction is our target
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